Monday, October 8, 2012

What to do when the Well-Meaners come knocking

We've all been there. God tells us to do something and we do it. People ask questions, shake their heads in disapproval, or try to tell you what you SHOULD do instead. Yeah I just had one of those conversations. My uncle calls me to wish me a belated Happy Birthday. Good start. Then, we rant about politics and why voting for stupid reasons is...well, stupid. Then I mention my college algebra class (NO NO NO WAIT!) and he, being a math person took the wheel and went that direction. After a college-level math lecture we get on the subject of college. Gulp. What was I supposed to do? We are talking about a man who has a bachelors degree, a Masters degree, and to add the icing to the cake, a PhD. He is a believer in a good, well-rounded education. (Hey, before I go any further, let me be clear: I am NOT against education. Okay, phew. PSA is done!) How could I tell him that I'm at the place where I don't even WANT a degree? What does it matter anyway? Not like it does any good in this stupid economy. And after NCU? Screw it. Not happening. If people want me to just go for online classes and pick a random major out of nowhere and "just get the degree", then they need to talk to God about that. Let's face it; the real reason that I'm not in a school right now is because...well... GOD TOLD ME NO! Well at least for now. Do I regret this? Absolutely not. I'm where God has me. I know that. I rest in that. So what am I supposed to say to people who tell me I should just go to school, get two jobs, and burn myself out getting a piece of paper that will mean nothing 20 years down the road? I tell them the truth. Yeah, following God's way isn't always easy. It's not always popular either. But there are times when you know for sure you are hearing from God and you just have to set your face like flint. That's what I did when people here were telling me not to go to Minnesota: not jokingly, but seriously. I can still hear the comments: "It's too far away from your parents!" Really? Dangit, God and I are in this together. "It's too cold!" Um, hello? Acclimation? If God wants me in Minnesota, then He will help me adapt to the weather. "Too expensive! Just go to _______________ and you can get a full ride with a 26!" Let me be honest, I didn't even GET a 26 on my ACT (23. Fine, but not good enough for me). "Can't you get that degree here?" Yeah, I could've. But I would not have been where God wanted me. I never would have met Jessica, Kayla, Amber Marie, Amber Joy, Sara, Amy, Autumn, Lauren, Emily, Jake, Kevin, and many others. So many friends. So many memories. And a TON of experience in ministry administration. I was where God wanted me. That, my friends is the bottom line. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL THESE THINGS shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33