Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Assignment

I always looked at my current placement in Arkansas as a setback to all my goals in life. I was frustrated here; most of my friends were in Minnesota, I have been unable to do evangelism like I want to, and I miss my professors and chapel everyday. But little by little, the Lord has shown me that this is not a setback, but a step forward.

A soldier doesn't have a choice about where he lives most of the time. They tell him to go somewhere and he goes. They tell him to move somewhere, and he moves. The same with us as Christians. When God moves us, we are to move with Him. We are warriors spiritually speaking, and I keep reminding myself that it's only for my good; He loves me that much. A month ago, I couldn't wait for God to move me again...yet, I find myself not wanting to move right now.

I have a great job! I love my babies and the children at the preschool. I am feeling more connected at my church than ever before. I have learned so much since coming here! I have been able to meet some awesome people--some I go to church with, some I teach with.

God is giving me an opportunity to minister through my job; in my interactions with parents, in my interactions with the children--God has done so much since I've been home!

Looks like my greatest disappointment is turning into a great adventure! So I tell people "I am currently on assignment in Arkansas at WVAG and a preschool."

I like the sound of that! :)

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