Monday, August 22, 2011

Be thankful

Be thankful in all circumstances.

This is something that seems really hard to do right now.

Right now, I'm believing for God to provide for my schooling. If He has something else in mind, let's go with that, but I'm pretty sure He wants me back at NCU.

It's hard sometimes, a struggle of faith vs. fear. But I have to remind myself that He has a plan for me, a good one at that!

It's hard not to be jealous or resentful of my friends who have gotten full rides to their respective universities and don't have to worry about money. I studied and worked my tail off during high school and grabbed some scholarships--but it wasn't nearly enough. Not to mention I didn't get the ACT score I wanted.


But during our ice cream date tonight, my awesome dad reminded me that there is more to life than ACT scores, scholarships, plans, etc. He told me about some disappointments that he had during his twentysomething years, but he told me that God had worked it out later on. And when I say worked out I mean REALLY worked out! Sometimes we don't understand the whole situation because we can't see it from God's point of view. GOD is the One who charts our path, and He is the One who orders our steps.

Maybe it's time I got out of the way and let Him do that! :)

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