Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who's job is it to take care of the poor?

So I've been thinking about this question quite a bit. One of the priorities of our government is to make sure that everyone has equal access to everything; and in recent times that has been healthcare. The government prioritizes taking care of the poor and those who have no jobs using welfare, social security and so forth. Please understand, I am all about taking care of the poor. However, it seems like the government sees the need to take on that responsibility even though America is up to her eyeballs in debt.

Upon reading the Bible, I remember Jesus telling the Church to take care of the poor. Give what you have to those who are needy, sell your possessions to give to the poor, and on and on. Clearly, Jesus told us, We the People to take care of the poor.

It certainly seems like we've slacked up a little, since the government feels the need to pick up the slack.

Forgive me if I sound a little rambled. I was thinking about the differences between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans tend to favor the rich, while the Democrats favor the poor. I am a Republican, so I was questioning to myself, why? Why have I taken my political stance that favors rich people?

Later that day, God and I were talking about it, and He reminded me of those verses above. He commanded US to care for the poor. Not the government. This makes me think that a lot of us have given up on giving. Even I have fallen into the trap of thinking "I'm not going to have enough!" But what I need to understand is that God can get whatever I need to me. Please do not think that I am judging anyone; I've been in the position before!

I do, however think the Church needs to step up on its ministry to the poor and homeless so we can let the government focus on creating jobs for them.

This is my rambling for the day. :) Please feel free to answer these questions:

1. Do you think the Church needs to step up?

2. How involved should we be as far as politics?

3. Is it the government's job to take care of everybody? Why or why not?

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