Sunday, April 10, 2011

A for Attitude

One thing that I sincerely regret not writing about sooner is my attitude adjustment over a month ago.

Well let's start with some facts. I've been at North Central for two years. And up until a month ago, I hated it.

No, I didn't hate North Central. I just hated how far away it is from my family and how dang COLD it is. I hated the person I was because I had allowed myself to lose my joy. I no longer enjoyed life. I HATED getting up every morning for class. I HATED all the homework we are expected to do. Also, it seemed like no matter what the heck I did or said, I ticked someone off!

So my attitude was, well stinky at best. I continually complained and ranted to God for sending me to this frozen wasteland...and for what?

At the same time, however, I was believing for my school bills to be paid. I was also seeking the Lord as to what ministry I would do; I felt like He wanted me to do more than interpreting. Ironic, isn't it? It got to the point where I did not know where my next tuition payment was coming from, and I was as ignorant as ever as to my future ministry.

So yes, I was FURIOUS! I couldn't understand why God had sent me HERE of all places.

Until one day, I heard a story about a pastor/evangelist named Kenneth E. Hagin who lived in the 1930s. He had pastored a Texas church for years; This church in particular took care of him and his family and he poured himself into preaching the Word to them. The perfect congregation for any pastor to have.

But the Lord nudged him one day and said, "Go out and be an evangelist." So he packed up his family, said goodby to the congregation and started preaching wherever the Lord led them.

However, they were behind every month financially. It progressed and kept getting worse and worse.

Knowing that something had to be done and fast, Brother Hagin started having more alone time with God than he ever had before. He opened his Bible to Isaiah 1:18 which says, "If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land." Brother Hagin read that Scripture several times, and repeatedly told the Lord, "Help me! What am I doing wrong? Why are we not eating the good of the land?"

Finally, he just said nothing and waited on the Lord; his patience was rewarded. The Lord spoke to him and said these words:

Well the problem is, you don't qualify.

Yes, he had been obedient in going out to evangelize and preach the gospel...but he hadn't been willing. Immediately, he made an attitude change and from then on, the Lord brought them through victorious!

When I heard this story, the Holy Spirit said to me, You don't qualify either.

That scared me so badly! I immediately repented and surrendered my frustrations, and my desire to be back at home. I told Him that I would stay in Minneapolis for as long as He wanted me and do whatever He wanted me to do.

Since then, I've had so much peace! I have my joy back! I LOVE Minnesota! And He has also revealed to me the ministry I will be undertaking in addition to Interpreting: Evangelism and Church Planting. I am so excited at what God will do in years to come in me and through me!

To God be all the glory!


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  1. Once again, I am happy for you about the attitude shift.
    And girll, you are makin' me hungray for some shrimp!