Saturday, April 30, 2011

Encounter-ing Downtown

Minneapolis. A city of business, where people come and go from their jobs. During day, it is just like any other city. There's a baseball field, a lightrail station, and a Macy's as well as a variety of other stores.

During night however, it becomes a haven for drugs, alcohol, and God knows what else. There are strip clubs, gay clubs, and bars left and right in some parts of downtown. There are many drunk people, as well as those who are high on marujana and you know because you can smell it from ten feet away.

These people are crying out for fulfilment, and are looking to these things that Satan uses to steal kill and destroy them in order to find that.

These people are desperate. They are crying.

And Reach Out Minneappolis is answering that cry.

Every Friday in Minneapolis a bunch of us get together for prayer and then we hit the streets.

I will never forget during prayer one night the Lord dealt with me to bring a book called Healed of Cancer by Dodie Osteen. I almost didn't bring it because I was sure I had made it all up in my head. But I went ahead and brought the book figuring it couldn't hurt. Then my roommate and I went to meet everyone else downstairs, and the group of about thirty headed to the lightrail. Our plan since it was so cold was to ride the lightrail to Block E and Hennipen, but when the lightrail came when only half of us had bought our tickets the other half got left behind. I was in the half that was left behind. :/ Anyway, we waited but then we found out that the next one wasn't coming until 1:30--when we had agreed to meet at Club 3 Degrees. So despite the cold we took the walk.

We arrived at 12:45am. We had about 45 minutes to talk to people, which really in street evangelism is not much time at all. We circled the block a few times but wasn't able to talk to anyone. Until...

We were about to cross the street and a couple of us in my group noticed a couple standing off to one side, and the woman was digging through her purse. Motioning to the other two in my group to follow, I said, "Ma'am can we help you?"

She had a few choice words."_____ can't find my ____ cell phone."

So my roommate who was in my group let her friend use her cell phone and while he was on the phone, we got to talk with her. We asked her if there was anything she needed prayer about and she told us that her dad died I think two years ago, and she was still grieving. Also, she said her mother had brain tumors. When she said that, the Holy Spirit seemed to say, "That's your cue." So I reached into my jacket and gave her the book. She was so emotional and crying; she gave us all hugs. We left knowing that she had had an Encounter with the Almighty, and hopefully her persepective on life was changing even as we walked away to meet the rest of our group.

Nothing gives me more joy than to know that God was able to use me and others to touch someone else for His glory. Sometimes, all it takes for someone to come to the Kingdom is understanding the goodness of God.

Even though there still remains a dark cloud over that part of the city, there are people like us, who go out there and poke holes in that cloud to let God's light shine through.

I can't think of anything else I'd rather do with my life.

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