Friday, May 28, 2010

Super Mommy

Recently, I've gotten hooked on to the TV reality show Supernanny.

It's amazing what kids can do if you let them get away with it.

I mean, half the stuff I see these kids do, I woulda got a spanking for!

However, it has given me a new respect for mothers as a whole. It is more and more clear to me that this job is not for sissies!!!

They are the ones who hold us when we have nightmares, who feed us, clothe us, and make sure we're understanding what we're learning in school.

I remember Mama helping me with my math while I was crying, frustrated, and I repeated over and over that I could never do it! In the end, Mama was frustrated as well.
Mothers do so much, and it just makes me sad to realize that many of the kids I see in this show including myself have never really appreciated Mom for doing all of this!

I resolve to help my mother more while I am at the house and to always let her know that she is loved and appreciated!

One more concern of mine was taken care of just recently:
I went up to Mama. "Mama," I said. "Did I ever cuss at you, kick you, hit you, spit on you? If I did, I'm sooooo sorry!"
Mama just looked at me and grinned. "If you ever did any of those things," she said. "You only did it once."

Phew! ;)

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