Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dead Sea Scrolls...Words that Changed the World

Yesterday, I went with couple of friends to the Science Museum of St. Paul. The Dead Sea Scrolls had been brought to this particular museum and our Bible classes had promised us a free quiz or some form of extra Credit for going! And it was a blast!
They had one from Isaiah 54:11-55:2, one from Genesis the story of creation, and one from the Psalms! There were others but the one from Isaiah fascinated me most of all! Probably the best passage to lead someone to the Lord with! :)
The Dead Sea Scrolls are going to be in the museum until October 24th 2010. Good summer educational trip for your elementary, junior high, or high school kids! There were more than just the scrolls in the exhibit! There were artifacts from that day like the bowls, flasks, and much more! I highly encourage you to go! It's 28 dollars a person if you're an adult though :/
Here are some pictures from our adventure! These are from the other exhibits as they would not allow us to take pictures of the scrolls themselves :( sad day!
Here is the website if you wanna get tickets!
Seriously, just do it! :)

we had to wear wristbands :)

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