Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why I disagree...

Prosperity Gospel. Aka "name it, claim it." There are so many negative connotations that come with those words. The minute you use those two words in the same sentence the person who's been saved for thirty-six years will scowl, rant and rave about how this teaching is "unbiblical."

Before you stop reading this post, let me make my case.

First off, why do you have to stick those labels to us? I mean, we do believe that God prospers those who seek Him first (Matthew 6:32-33) but the label sounds like an insult the way most people use it.
Here it is right at ya.






These people who preach against us need to listen to us again. We use Scripture. We look at the Hebrew and Greek behind the words. And we're practicing what we believe.

Don't get onto the "televagelists" as they have been labeled and talk badly about them for having an airplane! I mean, c'mon! God has blessed their ministry and their families! BE HAPPY FOR THEM!

And God can and will do the same thing for you! He is no respector of persons! Acts 10:33-35.

For further reading check out Mark 11:22-24.

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