Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just ask and believe

by faith receive, there's a Healer in the house today!

I love this song!

And yes, the Healer was in the Chapel today ready to heal me!

But I wasn't ready to be healed.

I knew it would happen if I just dared to believe that God keeps His promises and doesn't let me down.

It just so happened that during one of our songs today, the anointing fell. The faith I needed to do what God had dealt with me to do to receive my healing had dropped in my heart. I had been feeding on God's Word concerning healing for quite some time. Hey faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word (Romans 10:17) And guess what?

I did nothing.


Why do we let fear hold us back from receiving God's goodness?

I didn't trust His goodness this time!

But I will next time!!!! :)

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