Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Sheesh, time goes by quickly!

Next week is finals, and next week I go home for Christmas!

O yes, you can plan on me! ;)

Oh and you know what else? ITS SNOWIN' LIKE A BIG DOG!!! :DDDDD

Here is the view from the Skyways early yesterday morning on my way to breakfast...

Now here is what I saw on the way to Psychology later that afternoon! It was really cold, so I took refuge from the storm in my beloved department building :)

Now here is what it looked like this morning from the skyways.

And oh baby, it's STILL SNOWING! :O

Oh man, I have to walk outside to class to take one of my finals....hmm....I better break out the heavy coat for this one!

Love to all!

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