Saturday, March 14, 2009

On My Cross

Remember how I talked about how much I need God's grace in my life, and how a six hour speech and debate tournament taught me that very thing?

Today, I resolved to depend on God to help me in each of my seven performances for our District Fine Arts Festival and to leave the results to long as the Holy Spirit and I made in impact on the adjudicators and others who were present.

Of course, I figured that qualifying to go the National Fine Arts Festival in Orlando, Florida wouldn't be that bad either. ;=).

But my friend and I, who entered the Sign Language Group category and signed On My Cross by FFH merited more than just an invitation to Nationals. Not only did we qualify for Nationals, but we, with the help of the Holy Spirit, made a big impact on the audience as well as our adjudicators. Nearly everyone in the room (ourselves included), were either crying or on the verge of tears. Praise God for the talents and abilities He gave us to perform and do a good job!

That evening, after we had left the church and were on our way home, I listened to the song again, and came close to tears again when I heard these words come out of my iPod's headphones.

I don't know
Why You went where I was meant to go
I don't know
Why You love me so,

Those were my nails,
It was my crown
That pierced Your hands
And Your brow,
Those were my thorns,
Those were my scorns
Those were my tears that fell down.
And just as You said it would be You did it all for me

That, my dear friends is the delivery. So many times we take what Jesus did for us for granted-we don't bother to think about all the pain He went through with the beatings. the floggings, and the crucifixion itself. I, myself have never given much thought to the fact that the person on the cross could've-and should've-been me. Wow.

John 3:16 has to be an absolute understatement. God loved us so much that He sent His son to die in our place. But never have I really meditated on it.

Until now.

Jesus had to know what was coming when He was in the Garden of Gethsemene. And yet, he went through it anyway.

And yet I have trouble with simply getting my mom a glass of iced tea after a long day at work, or doing the dinner dishes (again!)

These are so trivial. So nothing compared to what Jesus went through.

I figure now, if Jesus could go through what He did without caving, then it's about time that I become more of a servant, and put down the flesh's desires.

If Jesus could make that kind of sacrifice for us, then what is holding me back from serving others on His behalf?

This Saturday, I will be participating in a Food Pantry Ministry. Not only will I be given the opportunity to serve, but I will have a chance to make a big impact in someone else's life.

As long as I strive to serve, I know I will be growing up and becoming more and more like my Master :)

I wish to love people with the same kind of love He had for me as He hung there on the cross, while the others taunted Him. He could've stopped it at anytime, he knew how much pain He was going to be in, but still He went through with it.

In those eighteen hours of abuse and mistreatment, He carried our sicknesses, griefs sorrows, and our sins against Him. And all we have to do is receive the salvation that He has promised us through His grace and Mercy. All He asks for in return is to make Him the Lord of our lives. John 14:6 says that Jesus is the way to God...and the only way! So if you are reading this and have not received Jesus into your life, then pray this prayer with me right now.

Dear Father in heaven, I ask You to come into my life. Cleanse me of my sins and make me whole again. I give my life to You. I renounce sin, and I renounce satan and I give my life wholly to You. Thank You for what You did for me! In Jesus' Name amen.

If you prayed that prayer, then the Bible says you are a new creation in Him! (2 Corinthians 5:17.) You are now a different person than you were when you prayed.

If you look over to the side panels of my blog there should be a few website links. Those are from ministries that I greatly respect, and have helped me grow in my faith in my Savior (now yours too :). There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus so do not feel condemned about anything you have already done; it is in the past now! (Romans 8:1). That is why Jesus came in the first place; to take our sin and our shame. And now, I leave you with the last few words of the chorus of the song On My Cross!

And after You counted the cost,
You took my shame,
My blame
On My Cross.

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  1. This is convicting every time I read it! I know when I am in the middle of anything and someone asks me to do something it drives me crazy that I have to interpret what I was doing and serve someone or just do what I am supposed to. Thankfully Christ did not complain for what he had to go through for me. I need to be more Christ-like and I still turn my back on him. Thank you Jesus!
    Thanks again