Monday, March 16, 2009

Houston, Caffeine, and Keeping it Real

This is a note that I wrote after our very first tournament, but I thought my blog readers would like it as well :)

Houston. Our very first real tournament for Speech and Debate. Full of surprises, food, and exercise! :O
After the tournament, Mrs. Alsop, our coach, asked us to make a list of things that we learned in Houston to present before the class, which I did but I felt that you guys would like to see it as well! :) Also, I did not get to present all of the lessons learned at that strenuous tournament so I thought I would put them on here!

1. Don't wear high heels, (or any kind of heels for that matter) at these tournaments. Stick to flats. Trust me, your feet will thank you! :)

2. If you are competing in multiple events, don't panic if you find that all of your events will be taking place on the same pattern (whether pattern A or B). Look on the bright side, you can get all of it out of the way at once, and you have some down time during the next pattern :)

3. If you are competing in a limited preparation event such as Apologetics or Impromptu and you've had to run up three flights of stairs to get there on time, don't give your speech til you've taken a breather. Ask the judges if you can sit down for a little bit so you can catch your breath. The adjudicators will appreciate this because they may not have finished the ballots from the last person who spoke.

4. Don't wear heels. At all. Ever.

5. When debating, (whether it be LD or Policy), address ALL of your opponents arguments and/or contentions. Failure to do so could result in loss (in other words, Katie, a total Epic failure. Oops, you just lost the game :P

6. Keep God as your main focus. He'll give you perfect peace when it feels like you're drowning in the midst of speeches, debates, and caffeine. Isaiah 26:3. Trust me, you'll need it. (That shoulda been number 1 btw!) :O

7. Did I fail to mention....DON'T WEAR HEELS?????!!?!?!?

8. Cheer on your fellow teammates, and if you don't break in any of your categories, don't sweat it. Look on the bright side, you don't have to speak tomorrow! Take the day off! You've earned it!

9. HAVE FUN and give God the glory! :D

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  1. You need a new picture besides that one.....We need the one from Houston. Or Kyrstin and I could get you one from the Alamo Tourney.