Monday, February 23, 2009

Making Our Beds (and more great feats of strength)

Wow, wow, and wow!

I did not realize how far the expectations for teenagers like myself had fallen till I read the book Do Hard Things by fellow teens Alex and Brett Harris. And reading about what many adults expect of us is terribly sad.

I read about a search that the Harris twins did to help write their book. They searched the words teens and expectations under the Google search engine. What they found under the list of expectations for us was the saddest thing I've ever laid eyes on!

Preteens and teens 11-14 are expected to

*make their beds everyday
*Be able to take a phone message and leave it where a parent can see it
*clean their rooms once a week (with help from Mom and Dad)
*Make plans with their friends and giving parents all the information
*managing an allowance

The older teens list does NOT get an better! As well as everything on the younger teens list we are expected to,

*making sure the gas gauge stays above a quarter of a tank
*doing a daily household chore (yup, just one!) like doing the dishes.
*Doing a weekly chore (just one!) like vacuuming or dusting.
*cleaning their rooms once a week (with no help from Mom and Dad)
*making special dates on the planner.

I have three syllables that accurately describe this list of supposed expectations. Pa-the-tic. There's even a list of encouragement to the parents that says "Do not feel that your teenager should be doing all of them." WHAT?????

How do you become a fully functioning adult if all you're expected to do is take a phone message, make your bed and do the dishes?

It just shows how far we've fallen in reputation. People don't expect much out of us, and if they DO expect something out of us, it's not gonna be something good! Many people EVEN CHRISTIANS consider us to be low-down, good-fer-nothin' couch potatoes!

We have alot more potential than the world gives us credit for...and most of the time, more than we give ourselves credit for!

What ever happened to teenagers being contributors of society rather than consumers?

Fact is fact. The teenage years are not a break from responsibility! They are the foundation of the person we will be the rest of our lives! It is the training ground so that we can become the person God wants us to be!

If we keep up our attitude of complacency and laziness, then we'll grow up to be a generation who just doesn't care about anything-faith, family, or politics. Right now, we're not expected to be able to have an intelligent conversation with an adult!

It's time we started actually growing up and rebelling against the current standards expected of us as teens. It's time we stopped acting like children and start acting, behaving, and being responsible like adults!

This is not beyond us! We can do it!

Philippians 4:13. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!

We need to get out of our comfort zones! Stop letting fear of failure halt us in our tracks! And we need to start....

Doing Hard Things. :)