Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Hope of Glory

I have taken the title of this post from Colossians 1:27, which says "Christ in you, the hope of glory." If you look at the previous verse you will find that it talks about this being the mystery of the gospel revealed. That enough makes me want to sing and shout! :D

Try and meditate on what those words mean for a minute....ready? Ok.

We have the Greater One living in us. Yup, that's right. 1 John 4:4 says we do. Not only that, but this verse says that He is greater than the One who is in the world! In Christ, we are always guaranteed the victory for whatever problem satan throws our way 1 Corinthians 15:57 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. So if an unexpected charge or bill comes in the mail, don't fret-He's got your back! You are given the victory!

Now THAT is good news! :D

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